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The nourishment in oncology patients with kidney disease , hepatitis, diabetics,hypertension and chronic diseases are of great importance to control treatment and recovery. Therefore, it is calculated in unique form and considering national and international guidelines on nutrition with the most updated treatments including supplements approved by the FDA ( the Food and Drug Administration) that have scientifically demonstrated improvements in the health of the patients.

In every specialized nutritional consultation we perform an evaluation in habits, likes of each patient, lifestyle, if they exercise, other illnesses , etc.. that will help us create a complete nutritional file. This is important to send a report to the patients primary doctor ( gastroenterologist, gynecologist, oncologist, intern doctor, psychologist, etc.) o will serve as treatment information and nutritional evaluation of the illness to improve and have a more complete handling of the situation.
All of our nutritional consultations include an evaluation of the body composition by the team InBody which helps us to evaluate the percentage of exact weight , fat, muscular mass. This way focus your nutritional plan in what you most need. Many times good weight is detected but poor muscle mass. In Athlete patients we include a measurement of skin folds to know which part of the body needs to be worked on more. ( Plicometría ) used in our patients can be used by the equivalent system ( food list that contain calories and the content of nutrients they supply) or by menu. To get to this we must perform a specialized calculations of the energy used, that every patient needs ( considering illnesses, patient’s health, levels of physical activity , lifestyle, among others).This way all the nourishment plans are unique and specially personalized. In necessary cases, supplements will be used to reach the goals , recovery and improvement of each patient. When the consultations are for the first time they will last about 45 minutes to 60 minutes, and 30 to 45 minutes on follow-up consultations. It is very important to make your appointment ahead of time.
Consultations online have a promotion price and are an option for those who can not attend face to face, are in other cities, have family members who can not commute easily or for pandemic safety. In these cases you will need first, to make your appointment and we will send you a questionnaire. Previously to your visit send your proof of payment and be online at the time of your appointment.
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