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Nutritionist Lizeth Pérez Navarro

If you are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy, we’re sharing this video that discusses the nutrition for cancer patients. At this stage, nutrition is extremely important for your treatment.

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Miguel Ramiro Contreras Aradillas

It helped me a lot during the course of my illness, is very kind and professional in their work. With the diet they provided, I lost 30 kilograms, for which I am very grateful

Ángeles Zúñiga

MI felt very comfortable; they explained the process I should follow in detail to improve my issue. I liked that even though my eating habits were modified, they didn’t completely rule out the things I enjoy, which will contribute to my treatment.

Israel H.

Excellent service, they have the necessary tools, guiding you in situations where to put in more effort to achieve your goals. They are always attentive to your progress, and their diet plans make it easier to achieve your goal and continue with a healthier daily life.

Anna N.

From the beginning, it inspires confidence as it answers all your questions and explains the process in detail. It’s very professional, provides support, and is always attentive to how you’re feeling throughout the process.
I highly recommend her.
Nutritionist Lizeth Pérez Navarro


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